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Claire Parsons Co. is looking forward to re-staging a newer version of the classic A SMALLER SWAN LAKE. Instead of the gracious swans we might be expecting from this classical ballet, other figures appear on stage, ready to spread their wings, dance on a silver lake and find the best steps for birds in formation. An audience and critical success, A SMALLER SWAN LAKE is a delightful mix of dance, talking and circus in a commissioned work for The Royal Dramatic Theater and a family performance suitable to all from 4 years. A SMALLER SWAN LAKE premiered in November 2018 and is now finally returning to perform once again. Available for touring fall 2021 and onwards.

A tender and wilful take on Tchaikovsky’s classic tale” Svenska Dagbladet
”..45 minutes of pure movement joy” Expressen
We leave performance elevated. Ready to fly off together.” Dagens Nyheter


Photo Mats Åsman

Premiering YELLOW

Join us outdoors for a moment of delicious dancing and music, with circus, dance, juggling and a yellow companion. Claire Parsons Co’s new production YELLOW premieres September 19 in Huddinge at 1, 2 and 3 pm, as well as a sneak, peek for pre-schoolers September 18th at 11 and 12 am. September 22 and 25 YELLOW will perform at Haninge Pop-up festival, a corona-safe celebration of the performing arts in an outdoor setting.

YELLOW is an outdoor performance suitable for open spaces and public spaces, a park or a museum. YELLOW suits audiences from 3 and up. We will be touring and performing this yellow delight also in 2021. The piece is 15 minutes.

Three figures show up at place close to you. A yellow ball rolls past us. A cone shows up. Red clubs fly by up above us and a yellow companion shows up. Who are we and where do the yellow things come from?

Performers: Mira Björkman, Viktor Gyllenberg och Elin Hallgren
Choreography and concept: Claire Parsons Music: Mikael Svanevik Costume: Bitte Palm Masque: Angelika Ekeberg Technique: Fredrik Myr


Photo Petra Hellberg

GRASS is touring in northern Sweden 

Our poetic performance GRASS for audiences from 4 and up, is presently on tour in Norrbotten, northern Sweden, in a collaboration with Dans i Nord. We will be meeting young audiences in Arvidsjaur, Piteå, Kiruna, Pajala, Kalix and Haparanda! September 19 we will present our latest production SOON SWOON at Acusticum in Piteå. More information here→.

Performers on this tour are Viktoria Andersson, Linn Christine Ragnarsson, Petter Wadsten, Onni Toivonen and our technical director Christian Farcher.


Photo Martin Skoog

SOON SWOON from Scengalej to Sundsvall 

We will be performing at Scengalej, a Performing Arts Fair for young audiences in Norrköping close to Stockholm, presenting a corona-safe extract of SOON SWOON. More information here→.

October 5 we will set off on a month-long tour with SOON SWOON. Our touring dates are as follows: October 5–8 Kristianstad, October 13–14 Malmö, October 20–22 Kristianstad, October 24 The Childrens’ Stage/Barnens Scen Malmö, November 3–6 Nacka, November 12–14 Täby and November 25–26 Sundsvall.


November 5–6 SOON SWOON also performs for school audiences in the Stockholm region. December 9–10 we will be at Dansens Hus. School performances are in collaboration with Dansistan, a regional network for dance and circus for young audiences. More information here→.


© Dansmuseet/Museum of Dance, Stockholm (SE)

Claire Parsons celebrates a 100 year anniversary of Le Ballet Suédois

In October the Dance Museum in Stockholm will inaugurate a new exhibit.  in celebration of the iconic Le Ballet Suédois.  with the defining title If you don’t like it you can go to hell – Ballet Suédois 1920–1925.  A celebration and inspiration. We can reveal that Claire Parsons will contribute with an event in the exhibit. More information soon!


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